Monday, 15 May 2017

As Seen On Facebook

About 30% of the posts I see on Facebook, always written by people that I don't know (but are invariably liked by people that I do) are a variation of this:

I had a profound thought today. I could easily tell you about it in a paragraph. I could actually tell you in a sentence if I was succinct. But no, this is going to be like some kind of novella where the profound thought is only revealed towards the end.

This next section gives context. I have a normal life - I really am just like you. I'm so very flawed that I'm relatable. Flaws humanise us. I use self-deprecating humour to prove that I'm OK with the fact I'm not prefect. I'm the sort of person that you would like to hang out with.

But then I have to tell you of my struggle, it's been a hard-knock life, especially since the birth of my eldest, Belial. It was a difficult pregnancy and I reveal other things that seem a little too personal to be putting on a social media site.

Now it's the happy conclusion where I get to be the hero. I am a role model and an inspiration. I have have discovered that doing things that I enjoy makes me happy. Isn't that amazing? We should all take time out to do nice things. I told you it was profound. Please like and share.

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